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Origin of the name:

Namakkal is also called as "Namagiri", which is the name of the rock formation at the center of the town. Namakkal is well known for its poultry farms and its truck building facilities. The bulk of poultry products are supplied to the all over India. The economy of the district is primarily

Population: As of 2001[update] India census, Namakkal district had a population of 1493462

Climate: The temperature ranges from 18 to 42 degrees Celsius throughout the year.




The main occupation in the district is agriculture. The cultivation generally depends on monsoon rains, wells and tanks. Nearly 90 percent of the cultivated area is under food crops. The principal cereal crops of this district are paddy, cholam, cumbu and ragi. Panivaragu, Kuthianally, Samai Varagu and Thinai are some of the millets cultivated. Among pulses, the major crops are redgram, blackgram, greengram and horsegram. Among oil seeds groundnut, castor and gingelly (sesame) occupy important places. Of the commercial crops, sugarcane, cotton and tapioca are some of the important crops. Tapioca is used for the manufacture of sago.



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Namakkal district is noted for Truck and Lorry external body building which dates back to 1956. Throughout India Namakkal is known for its Body Building industry for Trucks, Trailers, Tankers and Rig Unit. Finished trucks and Rig Units are even exported to foreign countries from Namakkal. Nearly 25000 people are employmed either directly and indirectly in truck body building activity and about 300 units in Namakkal and 100 Units in Tiruchengode are engaged in this activity.[2]

Poultry development has been rather phenomenal in the district of Namakkal.[5] The district is also well known for its poultry and dairy industries, accounting for a bulk of supply of poultry products to neighbouring industries. In fact, Namakkal produces about 65% of the egg output of Tamil Nadu.

Movie Theatres:

Only one Cinema theater ( Balasubramania) are located in the center of the town.

Geography: Namakkal is located at 1114′N 7810′E / 11.23N 78.17E

Sea level: Namakkal district is located at an altitude of three hundred meters above the mean sea level

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Namakkal is a historic town with reference back to at least the 9th century. The name Namakkal derives from Namagiri, which is the name of the single rock formation at the center of the town. The rock is enormous - 65 meters high and more than a kilometre in circumference. Over this massive rock, is a fort. The fort and the temples in the rock including Anchaneya Temple were built by Ramachandra Nayakar, a small king who ruled Namakkal 1200 years ago around 800 C.E. It is believed that Tippu Sultan hid himself in this fort for some time to escape the British. The fort was not built by Tippu Sultan even though some people believe like that. The front side of the hill is called Thiru. Vi. Ka. Paarai and used by taxis as their stand. Generally, Namakkal is considered to be a Vaishnava Setram, and there is no Shiva temple in the town until a few years ago. Recently, a Shiva temple has been built near Mariamman Temple. Even today, Pujaris in the Narasimha temple say that there is no Shiva temple in the town even though a small Shiva temple has been built in Namakkal in recent years.

Gandhiji held a public meeting in 1933 in Namakkal under the slope of the Namakkal rock. Namakkal falls in the region of Kongu Nadu and was ruled mainly by the Cheras. The Cholas and the Pandyas also ruled this region for some time. It has also been under the control of self or autonomous rulers for at least a century. It is one of the few places in Tamil Nadu, that has not been seriously affected by famine and war



Namakkal district is bounded by Salem district on the north; on the east by Attur taluk of Salem district, Perambalur and Tiruchirapalli District's; by Karur district on the south and on the west by Erode district.

namakkal District comes under the North Western Agro climatic zone of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in the dividing portion of two watersheds between Cauvery and the Vellar System with the Taluks of Attur, Rasipuram and Namakkal on the East and Salem, Omalur and Mettur on the West. Tiruchengode taluk alone is placed under Western Agro-climatic zone. [2]

Besides the above two zones, Kolli and a few isolated hills and ridges are scattered over Namakkal, Rasipuram and Tiruchengode and along with the valleys and rolling hills, make up the characteristic topography of the district.

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Many festivals are celebrated in this district. One important festival is the Perumal car

festival organised in Sendamangalam during February-March. The Christian and Muslim

festivals are fewer in number. Rasipuram celebrates Christian festivals whileTiruchengodu and Namakkal taluks celebrate the Muslim festivals.