Neyveli Details

Origin of the name:

Legends say that due to a curse, Goddess Parvathi took birth as peacock in Mayuram and worshipped Lord Shiva in his form of Mayuranathar. Mayuram means peacock in Sanskrit and it was later translated as Mayiladuthurai in Tamil language. According to the book Mayiladuthurai Mahaangal (Saints of Mayiladuthurai), several saints lived and attained their final peace (samadhi) in and around Mayiladuthurai. Many siddhars also have lived here. Even today there is a village called Sidharkaadu in the western outskirts of Mayiladuthurai. Legends also tell that it was a part of Tharukavanam.

Population: As As of 2001 India  Neyveli had a population of 128,133.

Climate: Contrasting to the adjacent arid regions of Cuddalore district, the township of Neyveli boasts a low-moderate tropical climate, mainly due to the rich flora planted as part of the landscaping during the development of the township. Summers are cooler (temperatures still reach above 40degrees Celsius) and winters are colder than the nearby regions, even though the township is at the same altitude with them. It has red soil, which is quite fertile.

Economy: The employees of Neyveli are provided compensation at Central Government Wage levels and the economy of the Neyveli township is more thriving than the nearby regions. For a small township of 50 square kilometres, Neyveli is serviced by many commercial banks and more than 7 ATM machines. The living expenses are less than the Metropolitan cities of India.

Agriculture: Agriculture is the main activity in this area as this is a cultivation rich land. Rice and sugarcane


Neyveli boasts of having some of the best educational institutions in the region; including the Neyveli administration run schools, to private institutions. These institutions attract students from the neighboring towns and villages as well.

NLC School for Boys and Girls,Jawahar Higher Secondary School in 13 places(CBSE-Main school and 8 annexe schools & Matric-main school and 3 annexe schools)

Jawahar CBSE Schools: Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 5M, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 5N, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 9, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 17, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 18CWC, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 18N Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 24, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 25, Jawahar Higher Secondary school, Block - 26

Jawahar Matric Schools: Jawahar Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Block - 6, Jawahar Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Block - 17, Jawahar Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Block - 28, Jawahar Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Mandarakuppam.

St.Paul's Matriculation Higher Secondary School, [[St.Joseph of Cluny Matriculation Higher Secondary School for the girls]], Tagore Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sri Aurbindo Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, the Seventh Day Adventist Matriculation Higher Secondary School,NMJ School and Sacred Heart Matriculation School of Mandharakuppam are some of the notable schools that foster a healthy intellectual environment.

Jawahar Science College [Thiruvalluvar University] offers a plethora of undergraduate programs in fundamental science and computing.

Industries: The basic industries on which Neyveli thrives are the lignite mines (I, II, IA) and thermal power stations (I,II & I-Extn.). One of the largest 'open-cast' mines, with very large machinery, the lignite mines is an engineering marvel. Since, the entire township has been built for the purpose of employees of the corporation, the other sources of economic activity are the support services to the township. This includes contracts with the NLC, shops, private hospitals in the periphery, schools etc. There are also a lot of mining industries that have been developed in the last two decades. A fertilizer, B&C plant that was owned by Neyveli Lignite Corporation was closed few years back.

Movie Theatres:

1.Jayapriya Theatre

2. Santhiram Theatre

3. Sri Nidhi Rathna A/C

 Distance From Chennai: It is at Distance 197 km


Geography : Neyveli is located at 11.30N 79.30E

Sea level: 120 feet above sea level


The sight of the huge construction cranes digging dirt to unearth lignite is a sight worth watching. Moreover it is a good place for tourism, with tourist interests being the Afforestaion complex and mining sites. However permission to visit these places is selective. Neyveli has a beautiful eco-friendly park which ranks in the international level, named as "Nehru Park" in Block 8. The "Main Bazaar" located in the heart of the township in Block 12 is the favorite hangout place for children and adult alike. The buzzling shops sandwich between them a children's and adult's park. Many tourists come during their vacations. It has a wonderful airport but incidentally has no commercial flights. The Natarajar Temple has the largest Panchaloha (made up of five metals/ alloys) idol and is the first in Asia. Many natural sceneries are there to visit and it will be worth spending some time here.

Also the Book Fair is the yearly event conducted by the NLC from 1998,with around 200 publishers taking part in the event. Many other related events are conducted like feliciting writers, book discussions, debates, Dramas etc., during the 10 day course of the book fair Safety Week is a week long event conducted by various departments of the NLC, exhibiting the best practices of Safety to be followed in workplace.

Here there is a Nataraja Temple is located nearcentral bus stand, the Lord nataraja statue is 12feet in height weighing of more than 1.25tons and also a Sivagamasundari statue is also in height of 7feet and weighs .5 tons kept in a big hall which is also a dynamandapam. and another beauty of this temple is 63Nayanmars are lively looking in statues. under a hall lies under a Nagalinga tree. There is a Devara temple related to Lord Nataraja is Melakadambur is located at about 30 kms from here. By road you should take sethiathope-kattumannarkoil- route. From Kattumannarkoil melakadambur is at about 6 km distance. Here Lord nataraja lies in a panchaloga vigraha as well as in hard granite stone dating back to Kulothunga Chola period. And a rare idol of Lord shiva dancing on a bull with ten hands is open for devotees darshan only on pradosha days from 4.30-6.00 pm.


Borewells driven in the now famous peasant Jambulinga Mudhaliyar's land in 1935 revealed the presence of 'black particles'. The analysis of the 'black particles' led to the discovery of a huge lignite reserve beneath the Township of Neyveli. The Neyveli Lignite Corporation was formed as a Corporate Body in 1956 under the Government of India. It is still a Central Government Public Sector Undertaking (PSU). Mining of first lignite seam started in 1962. The first thermal power station was commissioned in 1962 with a capacity of 600 MW. The current capacity of the thermal power stations in Neyveli exceeds 2500 MW.


Neyveli (Tamil: நெய்வேலி) is a mining and power generation township in Cuddalore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located at 11.30 N - 79.29 E. It is 52 km inland from Bay of Bengal, west of Puducherry (Pondicherry) and 197 km south of Chennai. The township was developed after mining of lignite started under the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) in 1956. Today the township covers 53 square kilometres provide around 21,000 houses for the employees.

The Neyveli Lignite Corporation is a public sector enterprise operating out of Neyveli. A large percentage of the thermal power generated in Tamil Nadu comes from the power plants in Neyveli, more than 2500 MegaWatts.


Near By Places :

Dharmapuram, Moongil thootam, Mannampandal, Arupathy, Sembanarkoil, Meelapapthy.

Festivals: Mayiladuthurai is also famous for the Natiyanjali festival. Smilar to Chidambaran Nataraja temple's Natiyanjali, in Mayiladuthurai there is another Natiyanjali called "MAYURA NATIYANJALI". Mayura Natiyanjali is celebrated every year in out Mayuranathar temple (Periya Kovil) during the time of Maha Sivarathiri.

Bharatha Natiyam dancers from all over the world participated in this festival. This Mayura Natiyanjali is organised by the cultural welfare trust named "SAPTHASVARANGAL TRUST" along with the support and the encouragement given by the people in and around Mayiladuthurai. This is guided by the people of Mailai Sapthaswarangal Music and fine arts academy.