Sengottai Details

Origin of the name:

Sengottai (Tamil: , literally Red Fort, also spelt Shencottah,Chengottai, Chenkottai, Sengottai, Senkottai) is a town in Tamil Nadu, India, in the foothills of the Western Ghats

Population: As of 2001[update] India census, Sengottai had a population of 26,838. Males constitute 49.9% of the population and females 50.1%

Climate: Sengottai is surrounded by mountains on two sides, and as a result possesses fertile soil. The flow of Kutrallam Waterfall is highly seasonal and is dependent on rain in Kerala; the normal rainy season lasts from July through September. Starting in November up until January, the weather becomes colder.

Economy: The economy of Sengottai is chiefly agrarian in nature and people are engaged in the cultivation of rice, groundnut, ginger and coconut. The terracotta and pottery industry, and cane furniture are the important economic activities. A large number of saw mills are present in Sengottai Piranoor. and shencottai is famous for its cane work.




College near to shencottai



Movie Theatre:

There are two movie theatres here. All new movies were released in Kaleeswari theatre. Another one is Anand theatre (near vandimalai amman kovil), good to watch movies..there is two more theaters now it has been closed bathmam and balaji(gundaru balam).

Geography : 858N 7716E / 8.97N 77.27E




Before state reorganization Shencottai was a part of the Travancore Samasthanam. In December 1851, the boundary between Tinnevelly and Travancore on the Shencottai side was clearly defined as proposed by General Cullen as early as 1846, and finally sanctioned by the Madras Government. Sencottai Municipality was constituted in 1921. The States Reorganisation Act, 1956 came into effect from the 1st November 1956 and consequently the Tamil speaking area of Kerala (the present Kanniyakumari District) and Shencottai taluk of Quilon district were added to Madras State. Shencottai was revised from III grade to II grade as per G.O. No.85 dated 22.5.98

The name shencottai means red fort in Tamil.There is fort like structure on the entrance of this town.


K.M from Chennai :


Near By Places :

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         Papanasam (32.3 Km)

         Vasudevanallur (34.0 Km)

         Kallar (34.0 Km)


During the Tamil month of Maargazhi (corresponding to December through January), people in Sengottai sing bhajan before sunrise and put special rangoli outside their houses every day. Hot curd rice is served early in the morning after the bhajans in the Temples.

During the Month of January, Tamil month Thai Charriot festival is celebrated grandly. In that occasion Swamy Lord Siva, kulasekaranathar and Lord parvathi, Dharmasavathini and Lord Ganesha and murugan will come in separate wooden charriot respectively.

In that festival approximately 25000 people will come together to pull the charriot.

The car will run through four ratha veedhis and it will halt at its location.

The thai poosam festival will prolong for 10 days.

The village is home to a particular sect of Iyers called Sankethis,whose knowledge of Sanskrit and Malayalam identifies them as a unique sect from other Tamil Brahmins.

youths from (vvs group) celebrate the pongal grand.